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Arab Spring

Posted on 2011/12/11
UAE Activists freed from jail Posted by 7starsdubai on 2011/11/30 UAE Activist Ahmed Mansoor and his Lawyer Dr. Mohammed Al Roken On Sunday, after being held in prison for almost eight months, the five were convicted of insulting the UAE’s leadership, endangering national security and inciting people to protest. Then a day later, they received a [...]

Detained UAE Activists Planning Hunger Strike

Posted on 2011/11/15
Human Rights Watch reports that the Five activists jailed seven months ago for “publicly insulting” United Arab Emirates officials plan to begin a hunger strike on November 13, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. The activists said the hunger strike will continue until authorities release them unconditionally and end all judicial proceedings against them. In [...]
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Unbelievable Smear Campaign against detained UAE blogger Ahmed Mansoor

Posted on 2011/11/09
UAE Blogger Trial Abu Dhabi Dubai Ahmed Mansoor Human Rights activist is one of five activists accused of encouraging protests, insulting the country’s rulers and disrupting public order earlier this year, in a case described by rights groups as a travesty of justice.
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Video Library

Posted on 2011/11/08
DUBAI and UAE Video Selection UAE Blogger Human Rights Activist Ahmed Mansoor  Trial 2011 BURJ Al Arab Dubai Video Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Video The Case Safi Qurashi Dubai Detained in Dubai – Radha Stirling Burj Al Arab Dubai 7 Star Hotel Dubai `s First Lady – Princess Haya
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UAE Blogger Ahmed Mansoor to appear in court next week

Posted on 2011/07/14
The trial of Ahmed Mansoor, a blogger and human rights activist who has been held since April, is due to resume in Abu Dhabi on 18 July. Reporters Without Borders urges the authorities to drop the charges against this netizen and release him without delay. More than 10 police officers took part in Mansoor’s arrest [...]
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UAE: Human Rights Blogger, Sorbonne Lecturer Charged With ‘Humiliating’ Officials

Posted on 2011/06/17
source Human Rights (Beirut) – The United Arab Emirates attorney general should immediately drop all charges against five pro-democracy activists to halt their trial, Human Rights Watch said today. The charges of “humiliating” top officials relate solely to the defendants’ peaceful use of speech to criticize the UAE government and therefore violate their freedom [...]
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Democracy and Human Rights-Middle East Unrest – Repression in the United Arab Emirates

Posted on 2011/06/04
June 2011 – source The Nation For the past four months, hundreds of thousands of voices demanding variations on a theme—democracy, human rights, an end to torture, a stop to corruption—have echoed from Morocco to Yemen, each with its own local variation. In the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven small semi-autonomous sheikdoms, that [...]
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Amnesty UAE Dubai – Ahmad Mansoor Fahad Salem al-Shehh Nasser bin Ghaith

Posted on 2011/04/16
ADVOCATES OF POLITICAL REFORM DETAINED IN UAE Two civil society activists and an economist have been detained in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), apparently linked to their calls for political reform. Their lawyer does not know where they are being held. They are likely to be prisoners of conscience. Ahmad Mansoor, a blogger associated with [...]
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UAE human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor detained after death threats

Posted on 2011/04/10
Duba April 9, 2011 – Ahmed Mansoor, Human Rights Activist and Blogger from the United Arab Emirates , was taken from his apartment in Dubai on Friday April 8, 2011 afternoon,  he has not been heard from since he was taken from his Dubai apartment Friday, his wife said. CNN report that Lt. General Dhahi [...]
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UAE detains democracy Activist and Blogger Ahmed Mansoor in Dubai

Posted on 2011/04/08
UAE Activist and Blogger Ahmed Mansour detained in Dubai April 8, 2011
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Bahrain activists receive threats after anonymous death call

Posted on 2011/03/12
Bahrain Middle East Protests 2011. One of the activists named in yesterday’s text message, Mahmmad al-Maskati from the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, told Amnesty International he has received around 11 anonymous threatening phone calls since the message calling for him to be killed was circulated yesterday.
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Emirati Woman

Posted on 2011/01/06
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly transforming its formerly tribal Bedouin society into an emerging economy that is catching the eye of the world. Dubai, one of the seven emirates, has established itself as a financial hub that attracts expatriate workers and investors from around the world.Over the past decade, it has become a [...]
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Sanctions against Iran Human Rights abuses – Hillary Clinton

Posted on 2010/10/02
Middle East Dubai sanctions Iran Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) Hillary Clinton
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Human Rights Dubai – Details of a detention in UAE

Posted on 2010/09/19
Dubai lawyer Dr. Mohamed al Roken Human Rights
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Dubai Debtors Prisons – Legal System on trial

Posted on 2010/08/11
US Human Rights Case against Emaar Dubai United Arab Emirates
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Dubai dream trip turned into a nightmare for Charlotte

Posted on 2010/05/10
Dubai Human Rights. British Tourist Charlotte Adams end in a Dubai Prison for just begging her friend. Tourist warning for trips to Dubai.
In her first interview since being released Charlotte told the Sunday Mirror: “I never, ever imagined, in a million years, something like this would happen – it just seems so unjust. It is so good to be back. I’ve thought of nothing else for the past few months. The hardest part was having my freedom taken away. I’ve been stuck in Dubai since November knowing that what I was guilty of was such a small, harmless gesture.
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Human rights UAE – Sheikh Issa Al Nahyan

Posted on 2010/01/26
source Financial Times
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Shahram Abdullah Zadeh vs Al Fajer Properties – A Dubai Deal called into Questions

Posted on 2009/12/05
Fraud Dubai Al Fajer Properties Scandal 2008 Shahram Abdullah Zadeh and Sheikh Maktoum Hasher bin Juma Al Maktoum
Jumeirah Business Centre Jumeirah Lake Towers
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UAE collect DNA from all Residents – DNA database set to start in a year

Posted on 2009/10/24
source The National The UAE aims to start collecting genetic samples from residents within 12 months as part of its controversial DNA database project, the programme’s director said yesterday, making it the first country in the world to do so. Dr Ahmed al Marzooqi, the director of the National DNA Database, also said the order [...]
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VIP Dubai – From the Archive – Rapid Change, Emphasis on Business Overshadow Concerns on Rights

Posted on 2009/09/20
original source Washington Post May 2007 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Mohammed al-Roken is perhaps the most prominent human rights activist in Dubai. That distinction has cost him. He was arrested twice. The government forced him out of his job as a professor, canceled his public lectures and banned him from writing in newspapers. Nine [...]
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Escape from Dubai – Washington Post – Herve Jaubert fled last Summer

Posted on 2009/08/20
source Washington Post DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Herve Jaubert, a French spy who left espionage to make leisure submarines for the wealthy, was riding high. Bankrolled by Dubai World, a government-owned conglomerate, he built a submarine workshop on the Persian Gulf, lived rent-free in a villa with a pool and tooled around town in [...]
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From Sunday Times – Dubai – Construction halted, westerners jailed for adultery – but prostitutes do well
Posted on 2009/07/20
source TimesOnline SundayTimes July, 2009 Andrew Blair says he will pick me up from outside my sleaze-bucket of a hotel, give it 20 minutes or so, got some work to finish off. He has a job again, contracts apparently “coming out of his ears”, which is good, because until recently he had earned a certain [...]
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UAE pledges fair trial of royal Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan on torture claims

Posted on 2009/07/15
source Zawya ABU DHABI, July, 2009 (AFP) The Abu Dhabi prosecution service on Monday pledged an “impartial trial” of torture allegations against a brother of the United Arab Emirates president. “The overriding principle of these investigations is the protection of law, guaranteeing a fair and impartial trial for all persons involved,” an unidentified prosecution official [...]
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Al Fajer Properties Dubai Scandal media blackout

Posted on 2009/06/20
Dubai Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum President Al Fajer Properties has touched neveres across the city of Dubai. Investors of the Developer project Jumeriah Business Centre and the Ebony and Ivory Tower Project Jumeirah Lake Towers ask to refund the Money they invest in Dubai Properties develped by Al Fajer Properties. Local Dubai and regional media alerted to the situation. News agencies across the city said they were silenced by by senior representatives of the government of Dubai.
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UAE ‘torture’ case seen as critical test of justice

Posted on 2009/05/16
source FinancialTimes  May 16.2009 by Andrew England Abu Dhabi  and Simeon Kerr in Dubai The footage begins with an assault rifle allegedly being fired by a member of the United Arab Emirates’ ruling family. Bullets throw up clouds of sand as they smash into the desert, inches from a cowering Afghan grain trader. It moves [...]
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More tapes depicting Sheikh Issabin Zayed Al Nahyan torturing victims exist.

Posted on 2009/04/30
source CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) — A videotape of a heinous torture session is delaying the ratification of a civil nuclear deal between the United Arab Emirates and the United States, senior U.S. officials familiar with the case said. On Wednesday, an Abu Dhabi government agency issued a statement deploring the video and promising a full [...]
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UAE: Prosecute Torture by Royal Family Member

Posted on 2009/04/28
source HRW Independent Body Should Investigate Abuse of Afghan Grain Dealer, Police Role and Flawed Ministry Review (New York) – The United Arab Emirates should investigate and prosecute the torture of an Afghan grain dealer by a royal family member, Shaikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, and the police, Human Rights Watch said in a [...]
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Jailed Dubai mum Marnie Pearce to be freed by pardon tomorrow

Posted on 2009/04/27
source Mirror Marnie Pearce, the British mum jailed in Dubai for adultery, has won a dramatic pardon and will be set free tomorrow. Marnie, 40, was locked up after her Egyptian husband falsely claimed she cheated on him. She was supposed to be deported back to Britain after her sentence – which could have meant [...]
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Dubai Jailed Brit mum Marnie Pearce’s ex husband tells her she’ll never see kids again

Posted on 2009/04/20
source mirror uk The British mum jailed in Dubai for adultery has been told by the ex-husband who framed her: “You will never see your children again.” Marnie Pearce – still in prison for a “crime” she vehemently denies – was told the news in a cruel phone taunt from her former husband Ihab El [...]
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Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: “The life-span of lies is always short.”

Posted on 2009/04/19
source EmiratesBusiness24/7The UAE has acted as a cohesive federation to face the global financial meltdown with a fast, well-thought-out response and has overcome the crisis with the least amount of losses, the nation’s Vice-President and Prime Minister said yesterday, adding that “the worst is already behind us”. In his first large-scale online interaction with the [...]
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Just the Good News, Please: New UAE Media Law Continues to Stifle Press”

Posted on 2009/04/13
source The National UAE UAE media law ‘falls short’ DUBAI // The UAE’s draft media law represents “significant” improvements, but does not go far enough and will continue to restrict press freedoms, according to a Human Rights Watch report released yesterday. Representatives from the US-based rights watchdog were in Dubai for the launch of the [...]
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Dubai Police Accuse Lawmaker In Chechen Exile’s Killing

Posted on 2009/04/06
source RadioFreeEurope Authorities in the United Arab Emirates say a member of the Russian State Duma who is a close relative of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has emerged as the chief suspect in ordering the assassination of a former Chechen general in Dubai. Dubai’s police chief, Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan bin Tamim, told a news [...]
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